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Ever wondered how your portraits were made?

Updated: Jun 25, 2021

In case you ever wondered how exactly the process of creating your custom illustrations works, I summarized all the steps for you:

1. Send me your photos

After you have made the order through my online store and have gotten a confirmation email, it's time for you to send me the pictures I can use to create your portrait. These must be in high resolution with a clear frontal view of your whole face. If you’ve ordered a portrait of 2 or more people, you do not have to be in the picture together, but you must include individual pictures of each person.

Send me your photographs

2. You will receive a sketch

This sketch is for you to review and ask for revisions. Please bare in mind that this is your time to make changes to your portrait and you can ask me to edit facial features, overall composition, or other details. This is also a good time to mention if you have any color preferences for your portrait. Let me know if there’s anything else you’d like to incorporate into your illustration (e.g. floral element, your names, a quote, etc.)

Provide feedback

3. After the edits have been incorporated, you will receive a few color options

Choose a color combination that you like best. This is also your final chance to ask for minor changes.

Color variations
Choose a color palette

4. You will receive the final version of your portrait

You will be sent a link to your portrait in high resolution, in the size and format you requested in your order. You can download the file from the link and are set to get your illustration printed or used for other personal purposes. You may not resell your illustration. If you need an Illustration for a commercial use, make sure to contact me!

A digital portrait of a couple
Your final illustration

And that's it!

I am always excited to work with you on your custom pieces and love the joy they bring to you and your loved ones. If you already have a piece by me, feel free to share it on social media and tag me. it always makes my day!

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