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2021 review at Kaiah Wessel Studio

Phew, what a year 2021 was! I must say that upon first thought, it felt like absolutely NOTHING happened last year, but when I looked closer at some of the things I had the chance to work on, and the things that happened, I was left in shock at how much progress I had made without even realizing it.

First of all, my immigration paperwork moved forward and in March I got my work permit and was able to register my business here in the US right around my birthday! I changed my instagram handle from “kaiah.illustrates” to my new business name:

“Kaiah Wessel Studio”

In May, we did a photoshoot for my website with Megan at an amazing studio in Denver. I felt like such a boss and left feeling empowered and excited for all my business would bring.

Then in JULY I finally launched and was so very excited to have an actual website. It started feeling so official and so very real.

In August I launched my first ever stationery product: greeting cards!

All the while I was working on on some fun collaborations and projects with some very cool clients and people. I absolutely LOVED that. Here are some examples:

Here’s to another year in business! I know 2022 will bring even greater success and even more confidence in being a business owner. I am so thankful you are here on this journey with me and I hope my art brings you even the smallest amount of joy!

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