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My favorite KWS color palettes

Updated: Nov 30, 2023

If you’re anything like me, you might enjoy looking through color palettes on Pinterest for hours on end. In fact, I actually have a whole board of color combinations I enjoy. So today, I thought it could be fun to share some of my favorite palettes I use for my work at Kaiah Wessel Studio. So here we go!

1. The KWS classic palette

The classic KWS colors I like to use for most of my branding and website, these colors make me feel happy and joyous. They are very summery and spring-y!

KWS Classic Palette

2. The Neutral With A Sprinkle Of Blue

I often end up using these colors when creating portraits for clients. There is something just so soothing about neutrals and pinks in combination with deep blues or teals. This color combo in its many variations of shades and hues has been my favorite for a long time!

Neutral with Sprinkle of Blue Palette

3. The Autumn Dream

I told you I liked pinks and blues together, but add a bit more green, a deep maroon shade, and a cozy orange and you’ve got yourself an autumnal dream! It’s soft and bold at the same time and just makes me feel very warm and happy!

Autumn Dream Color Palette

4. Bold And Balanced

This one is pretty much the autumn dream with a twist! I love me some bright and bold colors balanced out with more subdued and deeper shades. I usually use this color palette when I want to add a good old bold detail into my artwork— I always gravitate for a yellow or an orangey-red (you know, the one where you can’t agree if it’s red or orange? That’s the one!) shade for these. What I have in mind is a nice chill portrait and then *boom*— bright red glasses…or *boom* —a bright yellow scarf!

Bold and Balanced Color Palette

5. The Complementary One

Yellow and blue, orange and purple— these are complementary color combinations that I used to really truly dislike, but ones that have totally grown on me! I find myself wanting to use these colors together a lot and all I can say about them is that they. are. so. cute. !!!

The Complementary One Color Palette

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