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New Kaiah Wessel Studio greeting cards are here!

This was a long time coming, but let’s face it: By now you probably know that new things are really scary to me. And so in classic Kaiah fashion, it took me way too long to come to a point where I felt ready and excited to share these cards with the world. But here we are, finally!

It feels like a pivotal point in my career as I am launching my first ever physical product. This is just the beginning, too. Prints, notebooks, and stickers are next. But you can look forward to much much more.

So to kick start this product-selling journey, I created 5 different card sets. My greeting cards are digitally printed on natural white speckled paper, and were printed locally in Fort Collins. All cards come with craft envelopes for each card and are blank on the inside. They can be bought individually or in carefully curated sets.

1. The ‘Oh Hello’ Set:

The cute set with simple messages and pretty flowers.

2. The ‘Freaking Cool’ set:

The funky, playful, and colorful set with bold letters or fun shapes.

3. The ‘Because I love you’ set:

The classic and elegant set with your message written in cursive and complemented by simple floral illustrations.

4. The ‘Clean Minimalism’ set:

The simple and clean set where less is more. The speckles of the paper complement these designs beautifully.

5. The ‘Sweetest Strawberry’ set:

The colorful and more busy set with sweet messages and fun patterns in the background.

That’s all for now…

These were super fun to create and I’m excited for all the designs that are yet to come. Before the end of the year, I will have two more collections, so keep your eyes peeled. Thank you for being here!

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