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Branding & Visual Identity

Visual identity goes well beyond creating a simple icon to represent your brand. We will work together to create a cohesive set of visuals that are not only beautiful and will reflect you and your values, but will also be strategic, and will ensure your ideal client will remember you.


You will walk away with

Fully customized branding 

This includes primary and secondary logos, supporting icons, color palette, typography, and other elements you'll be able to use across your platforms.

Customized templates
and printables

We will come up with a list of assets your unique business needs: from templates for social media, business cards, to thank you cards, or anything else you might need. 

A website mockup

A PDF and SVG mock up of individual pages for your website. These mockups will serve only as a visual guide for you or your website designer.

What you can expect


You will answer a series of questions that will help me understand who you are and what your brand is. In this step we also focus on things like your ideal client, your short-term and longterm goals, values, as well as what you're drawn to visually.


After I create a few mood boards, we will schedule a video call to talk through them to establish a solid direction your visual identity will take. We will also address any questions or concerns, thoughts, or ideas that will come up.


You will receive the initial designs of all of the elements that fall under visual identity (logos, icons, colors, fonts, etc.) We will then schedule another call if needed to talk about any edits you'd like to make to your design package.


After the designs are approved, we will move on to creating all other assets we agreed on (printables, promotional product design, etc.)


Last step is the exciting part! You will receive a link to all of your designs and files and can use them across all of your platforms.

illustrated branches


Beginner package


The Beginner Package is ideal for those who aren't quite ready to invest in a full design experience. This package includes: 

custom mood board, primary & secondary logo, two icons, a color palette, typography, color and text usage guide, and one customized design of your choice (ie business card, or thank you card).

Advanced package


The Advanced Package is ideal for those who want and are ready to invest in a full design experience. You will walk away with everything included in the Beginner Package, plus a website mockup with extra elements that you can use across your platforms, and four extra custom designs of choice.

Do you have more questions?

Leave me a message to schedule a free

video call consultation

where I'll be more than happy

to answer any questions or concerns.

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